Re: Looking for a Complate IPA font

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 07:16:31 EDT

       You can find a free IPA font at our web site (, but
       it's an 8-bit font (symbol-encoded), has presentation forms
       encoded, and has lots of compromises. In spite of the
       limitations, this font is very widely used among linguists. We
       are working on a replacement that covers all of IPA and assumes
       Unicode as the encoding. We don't have any guarantees yet on
       when it will be available, but we're hoping to have it done
       before November.

       The new IPA font will handle diacritic positioning using tables
       for the Graphite rendering engine (discussed at IUC16; see also
       our web site). If MS does whatever is needed in Uniscribe to
       handle generic stacking of Latin diacritics, then we will
       likely also provide OT support. AAT is also a likely
       possibility. OT and AAT support may not be available right
       away, however. Also, we haven't yet decided whether we will
       assign PUA codepoints to presentation forms or not.


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