Re: Using Combining Characters

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 15:39:55 EDT

       If any, they are few and far between. Or let me qualify that
       further: there are a number of text editors and web browsers
       that work with Unicode-encoded text and that could accept the
       sequences you mention, but they may not display them in an
       aesthetically pleasing way. These things are starting to fall
       into place. The key is having "smart font" rendering
       technologies - rendering technologies that can handle complex
       rendering - and apps that utilize those technologies. People
       are working hard to make this stuff available even as we speak
       (er, write).

       Peter Constable
       NRSI, SIL

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       Subject: Using Combining Characters

       It appears that the Navajo language can be completely
       represented with precomposed unicode characters except for four
       letters that require combination with a non-spacing acute or

       My question is: Are there any text editors or web browsers
       currently available which will properly produce and display
       combining characters like this?

       Thanks for the help.

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