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From: Suzanne Topping (
Date: Thu Apr 06 2000 - 18:21:17 EDT

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From: Addison Phillips [GSC] <>
> 1. Many developers unfamiliar with international issues conflate
> "double-byte enabling" and/or Unicode with internationalization.

I mentioned this to the list a few months ago when there was a discussion
about what to include in the then-imminent press release. (Little did we
know a movie was to follow.)

A few days before the initial press release note came out, I'd spent over an
hour arguing with a software development manager about what "the Unicode
version" of a particular application meant. I kept arguing that the item he
was talking about WAS the Unicode version (because it was Unicode based). He
kept arguing that it didn't yet include all of the internationalization
handling functions that Addison mentioned, and that was why people in his
group said that it wasn't yet "the Unicode version".

He further attempted to argue that it was a semantic issue, which I finally
talked him out of.

At any rate, this was a sophisticated development manager who I respect.
Wasn't some knucklehead. And this points out the need for clarity when
discussing terms like "Unicode enabled" versus "multiple character set
support" versus "world ready" or whatever you want to call a well
internationalized product.

Tricky business.

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