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Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 17:22:23 EDT

From: Fady Elias <>

> I have a simple question concerning HTML and unicode.
> How can I use unicode representation in a a HTML file?
> what I'm actually trying to do is to have a HTML containing more than one
> language (i.e. English, Japanese, Korean, Arabic) and to be able to open
> this file using any web browser on any OS regardless to its language

Can you please clarify whether you hope to display more than one language on
a single page, or a single language per page?

More importantly however, is that the only way you can accomplish the goal
of viewing this text on "any" web browser is by storing and displaying it as
a graphic. There is currently no universal method for text display given the
wide variety of browsers and varying level of language support they provide.

In a few years, when everything has migrated to Unicode, working on any
browser will be closer to a reality. For now, you need to identify which
browsers your target users are most likely to use, and then choose the
encoding that is most likely to work with those browsers.

OR, convert all your text to graphics (not a recommended solution.)

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