Re: Looking for Telugu Unicode Fonts

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 08:57:51 EDT wrote on Unicode list:
> Alan Wood wrote:
> > Telugu is included in Arial Unicode MS, which is supplied
> > with Microsoft's Office 2000 and FrontPage 2000.
> I think that Office 2000 only supports Hindi and Tamil, by now.

Hmmm. I believe Office 2000 supports every "official" Indian languages,
but suitable fonts (with Indic Open Type support) are currently lacking.

OTOH, Windows 2000 provide the fonts for Devanagari and Tamil, and
when used conjointly with Office 2000 you can then write Hindi (or
Tamil) correctly.

> Arial Unicode does contain Telugu glyphs (one for each Telugu character in
> Unicode), but it still lacks all the contextual glyphs needed for consonant
> conjuncts, etc. So it is not enabled to fully render Telugu.

Correct. But my understanding is that Bitstream is currently working
on that, so we can dream of this in a not so far future.


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