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From: Addison Phillips [GSC] (
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 17:06:34 EDT

Brenden wrote:
> wrote:
> > And what about other browsers? Have they all been wiped away?
> A quick browse of shows 8 pages of browsers for
> Windows. I have to concede that I haven't heard of most of them, although
> Opera is certainly among those that are pretty widespread.
As part of a B2C project I'm doing currently, I had the opportunity to
gather some statistics from some large Asian web sites. My results were:

IE5 = 35%
IE4 = 26%
NN4 = 26%
NN3 = 3%
All others (various and sundry) each about 1%. That list includes:

- "Mosaic", Spyglass, Opera, NN2, IE3, Tango, Notes R5 (which is IE4??)

These are averages, but they varied only slightly from site to site. Sites
included only Australian, Korean, Taiwanese, and Hong Kong domains. "1%"
values tend to look as if they were a single user or small group hitting the
site with a number of page requests. This is hardly scientific, but the lack
of variation from site to site was surprising (to me at least).



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