Re: Looking for Telugu Unicode Fonts

From: Peter Constable (
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 16:08:02 EDT

>But, actually, I have minor doubts also about MS's claim of
       supporting Devanagari.

>I have Internet Explorer 5.0 (5.00.2314.1003) on Windows NT
       and MS Arial Unicode, but when I try Devanagari text in a HTML
       page, I see that the <virama> sign is visibly displayed, rather
       than causing conjunct consonant glyphs to be formed.

       MS Arial Unicode has minimal OpenType support built into it. It
       provides glyphs that cover Unicode 2.1, but only in a basic
       sense. It is not intended to serve as a single font that's
       adequate to render all Unicode ranges. Devanagari isn't the
       only one that's lacking; e.g. this font won't support proper
       contextual selection and placement of diacritics for Thai.

       Try doing Devanagari in IE5 on Win2000 with the Mangal font (I
       think that's the name) and see if that doesn't do a lot more
       than MS Arial Unicode.


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