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Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 17:46:26 EDT

Jungshik wrote

> Did you try files in/under
> and references cited in README ?
Hi Jungshik, thank you for responding, and yes, I've got Ken Lunde's
resources, at least the CMaps and CID-Keyed font character collections
along with Adobe's CCDs and Acrobat 4, so I'm able to happily generate
glyphs in Chinese (GB-K, Big-5 and HK-supplement), Korean and Japanese
-- three languages I don't understand. The next step is to take the
information from Oracle 8, where it's stored presently in UTF16 and
translate that into something the CMap will recognize. Perhaps I've
missed part of the README, but I'm not seeing that critical step.

In his superb book, CJKV Information Processing (and, yes, I undestand
about the blowfish), Mr. Lunde mentions Network Hanzi Filter (NCF) is a
Chinese code conversion tool written in C and including APIs. It is
supposedly available at

However I have not managed to bring that site up in my browser.

Another source is allegedly

but there is no Chinese subdirectory to pub.

The only other possiblity I can see is Mr. Lunde's program JConv ,which
converts the Japanese encoding in text files, He has made the ANSI C
source code and a Perl version are also avialable, ostensibly so that
programmers may use the algorithms to convert among other Japanese
encodings. Perhpas it can be modified for use with Chinese as well ... ?

Most respectfully,

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