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Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 18:47:00 EDT


> % utf16toutf8 input.utf16 | native2ascii -encoding UTF8 | \
> native2ascii -reverse -encoding Big5 > output.big5
> But, I guess this is only half of the job in creating CMap files for
> Big5, GB-K and so fonts if you have different glyph IDs than used by
> Adobe. As you can see by looking at CMap files, it's not just a straight
> mapping, but it shouldn't be hard to figure out how to make one with a
> simple script. (I used to know this, but forgot....)
> Well, you'd get the best and speediest answer by writing
> directly to Ken Lunde :-).
> Jungshik Shin
It sounds as if you're on the right line here. I think I've
misrepresented something, though: we're going to want to use established
CMap files and Character Collections; we're a programming company, _not_
a font foundry. So the path we're looking at is UTF-16 to, for example,
Adobe-GB1-1 or Adobe-CNS1-0. From what you're suggesting, that path
should like from the UCS-2 part of UTF-16 ... via UTF-8(?) and then to

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