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From: John Jenkins (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 10:22:20 EDT

on 4/11/00 3:21 PM, Jungshik Shin at wrote:

> Hmm, I thought ATSUI(?) of MacOS has something similar for Thai,
> Indic scritps and even for Hangul. That is, complex
> context-sensitive(pre-defined fixed) m to n mapping of characters to
> glyph indices. By the way, even a very primitive X11 rendering engine
> of bitmap fonts can emulate 'the effect'(generating glyphs on-the-fly)
> fed by justaposing a set of zero-width/negative-width(non-advancing)
> glyphs and final advancing glyph.

As Deborah points out, it isn't currently possible with ATSUI. It *may* be
theoretically possible to create an OFA2 scaler which ATSUI could access
that could do it -- but I haven't had the time to really investigate it.

John H. Jenkins

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