Re: UTF-8 code in HTML

From: Addison Phillips [GSC] (
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 15:00:00 EDT

Antoine wrote:
> I believe there are actually very few setup processes that are easier...
> It is just a matter of having the source media at hand (by far the most
> difficult), then ten clicks and one reboot.
It's those ten clicks and the reboot that are a problem: if you're the first
to display a page in Unicode on that user's machine then it is much more
likely that the user will think that your page is flawed and click away to
somewhere else then dig out the source media, reboot and then come back to
your site... especially if you're a commercial site that was reached "on a
whim" ;-)

Lastly, no one has pointed out the fallacy inherent in my example. If you
want to display Polish and Japanese in the same HTML file (not two frames or
some other construct) then you pretty much *have* to use Unicode after all.
You can't mix encodings in the same file... If you alternately serve Polish
and Japanese pages then each can have its own encoding, of course. But
making a mixture is hard to do without UTF-8 (unless you resort to the use
of GIFs for one of the languages).

It's exciting that we're on the cusp of general support for Unicode in the
browsers, operating systems, and languages (perl just got a transfusion, for
example)... and the support will "just be there" without thinking. About

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