UTF-16 or UTF-32 on Oracle 8

From: attilla ong (attillaong@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Apr 14 2000 - 17:27:45 EDT

Hi Folks,

  If this topic has already been beaten to death,
please direct me to the Oracle I18N expert that I know
is on the mailing list :-)

  We have initially plan to save our data as UTF-32.
We have opted for the simplicity over size of
database. We just installed Oracle but realize that it
supports only UTF-8 naturally (at least according to
its documentation).

  The question is whether Oracle8 supports UTF-32
natively without us having to coerce a character into
a 4-byte datatype. If not, what are the consequences
of insisting of storing an array of UTF-32 characters
as an array of 4-byte-datatype (or whatever it's

excerpt from Oracle 8's documentation:

"The Unicode character repertoire can be represented
in a number of different encoding formats. UCS-2 is a
two-byte fixed-width format, UTF-8 is a multi-byte
format with variable width. Oracle8 supports the
UTF-8 format only. UTF-8 is an ASCII-compatible
encoding scheme. The Oracle character set name for
Unicode 2.0 is "UTF8". Unicode 1.1 has been supported
with the Oracle character set name of "AL24UTFFSS"
since Oracle7"

Thank you.

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