Re: UTF-8 code in HTML

From: Glen Perkins (
Date: Sat Apr 15 2000 - 16:20:14 EDT

Thus spake Erik van der Poel <>

> As I mentioned earlier, Nav4 ***for Win32*** does not support font
> switching. This means that Japanese UTF-8 pages won't work on browsers
> that haven't had their Unicode font changed from the default
> Times/Courier to a Japanese font. The other versions of Nav4 (Win16,
> Mac, Unix) *do* have font switching built in. I think Jungshik uses Unix
> a lot, so he often comments on the Unix version.

Ah, yes. I forgot that non-Win32 Nav4 did font switching. This is especially
good for UTF-8 support statistics because whenever you see browser stats, a
higher percentage of Nav4 users are non-Win32 users than in the general
market because of IE's home field advantage on Win32.

I'm assuming that "Nav4 for Win32" means all localized versions of Nav4 for

If so, then the next question has to be, in what locales was the
non-switching font set, by default, to a font that was incapable of
rendering the language of the locale?

Japan (ja-JP) is the one that has been named explicitly. Was a Latin-1 font
made the default in every localized version of Nav4 for Win32? Is the
default Nav4 for Win32 incapable of rendering the (UTF-8 encoded) locale
language in all non-Latin-1-using locales?

__Glen Perkins__

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