RE: Serbian (was: 1 in 1000)

From: Jonathan Rosenne (
Date: Tue Apr 25 2000 - 17:28:21 EDT

I am under the impression that glyph selection is language dependent for Chinese and
Japanese too. If so, Serbian isn't being discriminated against.


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> >Unicode doesn't model languages. It represents
> >writing systems, and while imperfect, the model does a very good job.
> Unless, as a case of an imperfection in the representation, you are writing
> Serbian where there are a few characters that need codepoints different
> from the Russian (and other Cyrillic) values so they can be distinguished
> from the Russian characters but the committee refuses to issue them since
> "They are the 'same' letters as the Russian/Cyrillic ones so you can use
> those codepoints".
> If you do not remember this issue it has to do with the fact that the
> shapes of certain Serbian letters are different from their Russian
> Counterparts when using an Italic Font. By assigning separate codepoints
> for these characters (and having the keyboards emit the correct codepoint
> depending on if you are using a Russian or Serbian mapping), the correct
> glyph will thus be displayable without needing to swap glyphs based on
> language (they map to the common glyph in non-italic fonts while having
> separate glyphs in the italic fonts).

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