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From: Robert A. Rosenberg (
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 14:48:39 EDT

>At 05:58 AM 04/26/2000 -0800, Michael Everson wrote:
> >Unless, as a case of an imperfection in the representation, you are writing
> >Serbian where there are a few characters that need codepoints different
> >from the Russian (and other Cyrillic) values so they can be distinguished
> >from the Russian characters but the committee refuses to issue them since
> >"They are the 'same' letters as the Russian/Cyrillic ones so you can use
> >those codepoints".
>But they are only distinguishable in some italic fonts, and that kind of
>font distinction is not a plain-text character distinction.

I see it as a Plain Text issue. We are using the Serbian Alphabet not the
Russian one and thus the plain text can show it - It is no different from
the difference between the US English Alphabet and the Icelandic once
(while most of the characters appear in both, there are some that only
appear in Icelandic - In this case the letters appear only in Russian or
Serbian [they act differently in the two languages so they can/should be
considered as different/unique characters]). The fact that the special
glyphs do not appear in ALL italic fonts is a separate issue (so long as in
those where they do not, the "standard" character gets displayed).

> >By assigning separate codepoints
> >for these characters (and having the keyboards emit the correct codepoint
> >depending on if you are using a Russian or Serbian mapping), the correct
> >glyph will thus be displayable without needing to swap glyphs based on
> >language (they map to the common glyph in non-italic fonts while having
> >separate glyphs in the italic fonts).
>And the user will never know unless he or she is using an italic font?

No - These characters would ALWAYS use the Serbian not the Russian/Cyrillic

If you reread the quote above, you'll note that I stated that when a
Non-Italic font is used, these codepoints would map to the same glyph shape
as the Russian/Cyrillic Codepoint and when a Italic Font was used, the
Italic Serbian Glyph would be selected. Thus there is no need to know at
typing time what style the text will be printed/displayed in - just use the
Serbian Codepoint and all will work AUTOMATICALLY.

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