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> i scoured your web to the best of my ability, but came up empty. i am in
> the process of automating an entire line of language texts for the south
> asia program at cornell university. i implemented the program with a true
> type font because i was impatient in learning the material, and wouldn't
> wait around for a unicode version. i understand that version 3.0 supports
> sinhala, and while i saw links on the local web to the font vendors, i know
> end user support is rarely provided for an obscure language such as this
> one. i would like to port my ascii vocab and reading files to binary
> encoded documents, as the string scheme seems awkward. i would like to
> provide you with my working understanding of unicode in order that you might
> best assist me. perhaps some one could direct me to an encapsulated text or
> set of web documents, and not unwittingly lead me astray on the local web.
> i noted that the local ftp site had java code on it, but my implementation
> was in vb. i successfully mapped the roman script transliterations of the
> pali text readings into the previously mentioned true type font, though
> there were mild difficulties. i also intended to rewrite the algorithm for
> a glossary suppliment sort on the data set after i've throttled the files
> into their appropriate encoding ,and performed substituons on the
> combinations i was unable to produce out of the old encoding. i would like
> to provide that author with confidence in the integrity of the encodings,
> and am certain that they will be comfortable knowing that there texts are in
> a maintained format, and that they will continue to go on being supported,
> and are conceptually separate froms source code an interfaces.
> i'm looking for a running start, and am willing to invest in a font that
> will allow me to get out of the dungeon of bit encoding in order that i
> might get the update to the author in a timely fashion.
> Thank you,
> Lance Fiondella
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                                           Thursday, April 27, 2000
I have not used it but Monotype's "Worldtytpe solutions catalogue" (1998)
has a Sinhala font with 387 glpyhs.
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