Re: Japan loves UNICODE really

From: Masahiko Maedera (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 04:12:56 EDT

Hello Gunther and everybody,

  It is the easiest way to use the term "JIS X 0221" instead of Unicode.
  Markus and Brendan said so.
  (Of course you know that JIS X 0221 is the Japanese translation edition
   of ISO 10646.)

>>This is the kind of patronizing tone that Unicode developers and champions
>>should do their best to avoid. If programmers and the public at large in CJK
>>and other countries are resistant to Unicode for unfounded reasons, the

  This might be true academically, but false industrially.
  I also think this is a unfortunate status, but you should use JIS X 0221
  if you would not like to miss your business chance.

  However, in my understanding,
  Anti-Unicode propagandists are decreasing recently in Japan.
  Many engineers recommend their client to use Unicode.
  Especially Japan XML User group officially announces
  that we should use UTF-8 or UTF-16 to various news sources
  such as magazines and web pages.
  Unicode becomes a new trend for Japanese softwares.

>>"Japanese geeks"

 I am unhappy that I know only one Japanese geek, indeed unhappy.
 But I can absolutely say there are no Japanese geeks except him. :-)

>>I'm willing to predict the next wave of objections, once the Kanji used in
>>names have been encoded in Unicode: they'll complain that the fact that
>>they're off the BMP means a) Unicode considers Japanese names to be
>>unimportant and b) the data is all twice as long as it needs to be. Oh,

  I hope these are imaginary fears,
  and I think they will become imaginary fears
  when we (=Unicode developers) can support Surrogate
  and CJK Extension B in future.

Best regards,
  Masahiko Maedera, one of Japanese developers of Unicode.

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