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From: Erland Sommarskog (
Date: Fri Apr 28 2000 - 18:22:05 EDT writes:
> Pushing the analysis to the bare bones, one can discover that these Hangul
> Jamos are built with various combinations of 9 consonant letters (k, n, t,
> r, m, p, s, ng, c), 5 vowels (a, e, o, u, i), and 2 diacritics (consonants'
> aspiration, vowel's palatalization). Total: 16; only 14 not counting the
> diacritics.

Hm, didn't you forget h among the consonants?

And I can't for my life make it to five vowels, it must be six
(a, , o, u, i, ), or possibly eight (add e and ae) or possibly
only two (i and ). I would however say that you are stretching things
a bit when you call the second small tag to a vertical or horizontal
line a diacritic, but not the first.

Erland Sommarskog, Stockholm,

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