Re: Encoding Bengali Vowel forms (again)

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Tue May 02 2000 - 12:20:17 EDT

Apurva Joshi wrote on Unicode list:
> As a result, a whole generation of young people in India who have not had
> the opportunity to see the original orthography of the script, think that
> the current incorrectly implemented solutions 'are' the way it has to be!

Well, we have a similar problem in France: typewriter keyboard have only
45-48 (alphabetical) keys, as you know, so when it comes to "franciser"
the original (English) layout, there was enough place for lower case
character, and no place was allowed for the (rarely used) upper case.
This situation lasted for ~100 years, since the advent of i18n-aware
computers in the beginning of the 80's. But the evil is already done: most
people in France now believe that the correct way is to drop the accents
on upper-case, being "majuscule" (first letter in a sentence or a proper
noun, a.k.a. title-case) or "capitale" (all letters in upper case).

Now, the question is, what should we do: trying to counter the move and
restore the old, original, typographic, way? or just follow what most
people now think, thus following what is now a de facto standard?
Hard question, in my view; Unicode answer, as far as I understand,
is to allow both...


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