RE: Encoding Bengali Vowel forms (again)

From: Yves Arrouye (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 18:40:44 EDT

> computers in the beginning of the 80's. But the evil is
> already done: most
> people in France now believe that the correct way is to drop
> the accents
> on upper-case, being "majuscule" (first letter in a sentence
> or a proper
> noun, a.k.a. title-case) or "capitale" (all letters in upper case).
> Now, the question is, what should we do: trying to counter
> the move and
> restore the old, original, typographic, way?

It is not the "old" typographic way. It is the current way, as illustrated
by the French Imprimerie Nationale, who publishes a very nice handbook on
style (heavily used while I was making a French TeX format) that leaves no
doubts about the fact that accents must be put on top of uppercase/titlecase


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