Re: The mystery of G WITH ACUTE

From: James Naughton (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 12:20:41 EDT

U+1E30 Latin capital letter K with acute
U+1E31 Latin small letter k with acute

do transcribe Macedonian surely, whatever the original motivations for g
and k acute were

James Naughton

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> On 2000-05-08 17:31 +0200, James Naughton wrote:
> >Transliteration of Macedonian U+0403 and U+0453 (Cyrillic capital and
> >small letter gje), no?
> G with acute is _also_ the transliteration of Macedonian gje.
> But apparently this is not the reason for its inclusion in Unicode
> because there is no K with acute (transliteration of U+040C, U+045C).
> G with acute was (is?) indeed an alternative spelling (or call it
> phonetic transcription) for U+01C4, U+01C5, U+01C6 when the
> equivalence "one sound <-> one letter" is desired.

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