Re: Unicode copyleft inquiry

From: Asmus Freytag (
Date: Mon May 08 2000 - 21:10:17 EDT

The main problem with character codes that are for usage that is 'intended
to be established' is just that. If there is no character standardized, it
is harder for the usage to get established. On the other hand, if the usage
fails to get established, Unicode is stuck with a perfectly wasted
character code (and wasted entries in everybody's property tables).

The euro symbol was coded before its actual widespread use had been
established, since the relevant user community appeared clearly poised to
use it. For the copyleft symbol to get considered, it would similarily need
to be shown that it is more than just a nice idea, but that it has (or
definitely will have) a substantial user community that will use it from
here on out.

One benefit for the copyleft symbol is that it is generic enough that it
might find other uses later, even if the first attempt to establish its
original purpose fizzles.


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