Re: Use of 213A

Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 09:24:46 EDT

It seems there is a steady trickle of request for info like this:

>Could someone tell me to use of the following character ?

>213A ROTATED CAPITAL Q (90 rotation leftwards)

>The Unicode 3.0 annotation says a binding signature mark ,
unfortunately I'm not sure to understand the meaning of binding here
(obligatory, bookbinding, ...). Any help ?

I think that eventually it would be good to have a
commentary/mini-encyclopeadia on the use of individual characters as part
of the Unicode web site. Two kinds of questions need to be handled:

1) What is U+xxxx for and how is it to be used?

2) Writing system X has a grapheme that behaves like so... How should it be
encoded in Unicode?

This isn't needed for all situations; e.g. I don't think anyone needs an
explanation of U+0041 "A" (but on the other hand it doesn't take very long
to write a commentary on it's use). But for less familiar situations, it
would really be helpful to make some useful information readily available
to the public.

By the way, sorry, Patrick, I don't know what 213A is all about.


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