Re: Saving as a Web Page in UTF-8 from Word 2000

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Sun May 07 2000 - 23:09:54 EDT

Mark H. David <> wrote:

<<Does anyone know if it's possible to save in UTF-8 encoding
from Word 2000? It seems to use CP1255 if you mix Hebrew
and Latin text. I could not find a way to save it as UTF-8. Thanks,

I know that in Word 97 if you save such a document as HTML you will be presented
with a warningr message advising you that
the document contains characters not in the current encoding. If you ignore
this, the file will be saved as HTML with charset=CP1255 with any characters
outside that code page converted to numeric entities. If after saving the file
as HTML you then choose File, Properties you will be presented with a Document
Properties dialog box with three drop down list boxes grouped under the heading
"HTML encoding". The list boxes themselves have the legends "For Displaying
This Page", "For Saving This Page" and "For Creating New Web Pages (default
encoding)". If you select "UTF-8" for the first two list boxes and click OK,
then save the file once again. Now choose View, HTML source. You will then see
the encoding for the page has been changed to charset=UTF-8 and that the text in
your document is now in in UTF-8 encoding.

Trouble is that it seems that you can't get the dialog box with the "HTML
encoding" options until you've already saved your document as HTML text once!

- Chris

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