Re: dozenal and hexadecimal digits

Date: Sat May 13 2000 - 13:23:35 EDT

On the subject of higher (IE.: with more digits) numeration systems, the best
course of action is to use highercase alphabetic letters after the digit 9,
thus: A=10, B=11 (eleven or onoteen), C=12 (twelve or tweteen), D=13, E=14,
F=15, ...ETC. Notice that there're now alternate terms for the teen numbers
11 & 12—the traditional words eleven & twelve derive from old Teutonic/Norse
sources (the final syllables in each is from Old Norse ly¯s (a macron is over
the vocalic <y>—it's pronounced /lüüss/, with the vowel sound inbetween those
in our words lease & loose—it means being left over [from], but from
what?!?!); unfortunately, those are the words our schoolkids are taught for
those numbers. The recently-coined (by myself) onoteen /oh-noh-teen/ & twetee
n /tweh-teen/ have much better derivations ([1+10], [2+10], ...) that go
better with the remainder of the teen series (thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, ...
For the higher-counting systems, you only use the letters you need:
base-12—A-B, base-16—A-F, ...ETC.. For foreign alphabets, those additional
letter-digits (of course) derive from the beginning of those; for Greek
base-16, a Greek would use alfa through epsilon (with either dhighamma or stig
hma)—while a Russian for his/her base-16 employs a /ahh/ to ye /yeh/ (it's
right: a=10, bye=11, vye=12, gye=13, dye=14, ye=15, ...). Thus: You'd only
need to use whatever letters are required to fill out a given system.
Let this notice be of help to you.
Thank You!

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