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From: Vladas Tumasonis (
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 10:36:07 EDT

Edward Cherlin wrote:
> At 07:44 -0800 5/12/2000, wrote:
> >Vladas Tumasonis <> wrote:
> > > Really we have problem for adding Lithuanian
> > > Accented Letters to Unicode.
> >See
> > >
> >
> >I stand corrected: I was not aware of the extended Lithuanian characters -
> >I only knew what this document refers to as the "main alphabet". One thing
> >is unclear from these documents: are the characters of the extended
> >alphabet used as part of the Lithuanian language, or are they used to
> >indicate pronounciation?

Lithuanian Accented Letters are used for spelling of words. Such
spelling defines the exact meaning of the word (in case of
homonyms-homografs) AND pronunciation. So it is not ONLY to indicate
pronunciation like phonetic characters.

OK we shall process these letters using composite sequences.

> Accented letters are used in textbooks for schools, reference books,
> linguistic texts, and in publication of laws.

> Unfortunately the only Lithuanian keyboard layout I have access to is
> the rather feeble VOA Lithuanian keyboard in Unitype Global Writer.
> It includes a combining ogonek and the precomposed u&lc forms of five
> accented letters, but no other accents. This sort of lack is a
> serious problem, but it is not a Unicode problem.

Now we have new Lithuanian keyboard layout
( with acute accent, grave
accent and tilde. We are planning to enter all accented letters using
deadkey method.
> PS I don't know any Lithuanian, but my grandfather was from Vilnius, aka Vilna.

> Edward Cherlin

Vladas Tumasonis

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