Re: COPYLEFT and translation

From: A. Vine (
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 18:20:28 EDT

FYI, re: translators "choosing the best word/phrase/sentence". If you've ever
been involved in translation, you find that many translators are paid by the
word. As such, many translators try to get through translations as fast as
possible. They do not sit there and think, "hmm, copyleft, a
pun-cum-political-joke in English. How should I translate this to reflect the
meaning in such a way that folks reading this will understand it?" If they do
take the time to think about it that way, they charge more. Most companies want
to keep translation costs to a minimum, and so do not ask translators to take
this kind of time.

For this reason, the more standard the English, the better a translation.

NOTE: I am not advocating using the term or not in the Unicode book. I am
neutral on this point. I am commenting only in response to the folks who are
saying that translators will handle the term in a certain way.

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