Re: Accents in Greek and in Greek Extended

From: John Cowan (
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 17:02:46 EDT

Nick NICHOLAS wrote:

> Having been brought up on the wedge, I'd rather the tonos and acute be
> kept apart on aesthetic grounds; but I doubt any Unicode 3-compliant font
> out there is differentiating them. (Athena and Code 2000 have the vertical
> line, but they are still on Unicode 2.)

Impossible in principle. One of the rules of Unicode
conformance (in John's Own Version, see the Unicode FAQ) is "Canonical
equivalence matters"; no conformant process is allowed to behave
differently when fed U+1F71 rather than U+03AC. The former has a
canonical mapping to the latter, and is therefore deprecated in favor
of it (it will disappear from normalized text, e.g.)

(Glad to see you here, Nick!)


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