From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 05:48:33 EDT

Marco Cimarosti wrote:
> >What codepoint should be used to encode the letter which later seperated into U/V?
> Uppercase should be *V*, and lowercase should be *u*.

I believe this is not the better way to go for *every* usage.

I agree this is the way the rendering will look the better, at least without
resorting to outside mechanisms such as John Hudson described.

However, other handlings of the text will be probably more difficult.
For example, uppercasing (although it just mean an altered table).

More problematic to me is the use of the length marks: while u with breve and
macrons are indeed forcasted, V with breve or macron are not, so exchange from
one to the other is likely to be problematic: need to use the combining character,
which do complicate the casing process a lot, needless to mention processing
texts where some V's really mean consonants, while other, those that are followed
by combining accents, are vowels...


PS: the report on the use of v/U is fascinating. Thanks

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