Re: Info required on GSM 03.38 (SMS charset)

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 05:10:18 EDT

Doug Ewell wrote:
> >
> I wonder why N-tilde and E-acute, but no other vowels with acute, are
> assigned in the GSM code. These characters are necessary for Spanish.
> There must have been some intent to support Spanish; otherwise the
> inverted question mark and inverted exclamation point would not have
> been encoded.

Although this is not at all "good behaved", there exists Spanish (I mean,
in Spain; I know nothing of the uses in America) practices to use the
eñe (this is mandatory) but not the accents, particularly when spelling
proper nouns ; and particularly when writing in full caps (because of
the heights of the letters, and as always because typewriters cannot
render it).

Remember that ñ ¡ and ¿ are orthographic units --there are no fallbacks,
while the accents are merely helping indications to remember proper
position of the stress (yes, I know, there are cases where the accents
do have a mean: mono syllabics, and disambiguating of diphthongs are
best examples).

You might also have note that U+0152 (\OE) is missing, while it is
"required" for French. As usual, I assume this is a result from the
decision (removing it from ISO/IEC 8859-1) taken at an ISO committee
back in late '70s :-(.


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