Re: Accents in Greek and in Greek Extended

From: John Hudson (
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 00:00:38 EDT

At 12:29 AM 5/18/00 -0800, Antoine Leca wrote:

>> When I am designing Greek types, I have my work reviewed by Gerry Leonidas
>> at the typography department of the University of Reading in England.
>> Gerry's specifications for the tonos are quite explicit: it should never be
>> entirely veritical, but should slant slightly to the right, although not as
>> far as the Latin acute in many fonts.

>Perhaps, such as the (lc) acute accent in Garamont? or more vertical?

I would make them more vertical, more like the traditional Polish acute
forms. I have put a small illustration online at

that shows a comparison of acute and tonos diacritics from a multiscript
typeface I we made for a client last year.

John Hudson

Tiro Typeworks
Vancouver, BC

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