Re: Questions on Greek characters

Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 10:55:43 EDT

>These glyphs are positioned at G+03f4 and G+03f5 (using Marco's new syntax
:-) in the font. Whether these happen to be physical positions in the font
or map through a cmap to physical positions in the font, adjustments can be
done elsewhere in the font to make the character->glyph mapping work

If glyphs are accessible from those positions in the cmap, then I'd say
that's a serious problem.

All those that have contributed to this thread may already know this, but I
keep encountering erroneous statements on this matter: "smart font"
rendering systems that support complex scripts *do not require* that every
glyph be assigned some Unicode values (PUA or otherwise). If
presentation-form glyphs are assigned Unicode values, then only PUA values
should be used for that purpose, and the only reason for assigning Unicode
values to presentation-form glyphs is so that they can be displayed using
existing software that doesn't have the complex rendering support that
would otherwise be needed.


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