RE: Setting up UTF in my web site

Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 19:15:58 EDT

Since you are Using a Macintosh, my suggestion is that you use embedded
fonts rather than Unicode. This will also allow viewers on many
platforms that are not Unicode complient to view the page. Macintosh
fonts (unless they have changed) still use a 256 glyph encoding, and
these is usually incompatible with ISO or CP125x or other common
encodings. You might find yourself taking a VERY LONG TIME writing the
html on your Mac, and you will need all kinds of language kits.

Look here for more info on embedding fonts

If you have to transfer Mac fonts to a PC and back to use tools, you
will have some problems with the glyphs in the following ranges:

82-8Ch, 91-9Ch, and 9Fh
(130-140d, 145-156d, and 159d)

as they are remapped from two byte addresses on Windows platforms.
If you will have to do this, you will have to remap some glyphs
(or copy them to their locations so you will have two of the same
glyph.) Some font maps are dual encoded too, etc, etc. Best to do
it all on the Mac if possible.

This probably won't get to the Unicode messagegroup, as I am too
poor to become a "full member," but If you get any messages about
Mac software that actually does what you wanted to do in the first
place, I would be MOST interested.

Stephan Peters

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