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From: Ayers, Mike (Mike_Ayers@bmc.com)
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 19:48:56 EDT

        This is probably a FAQ of some sort. I am looking through
the mail lists, but would appreciate any help I can get.

        I am trying to get started in East Asian computing. At
this point, I want to learn to type Chinese and Japanese. My
three big problems are:

        1.) Identifying which OSes support Unicode. Real support,
not the NT4 "it's in there but you can't access it" variety.
(Please somebody say "iBook" - I've been looking for an excuse

        2.) Identifying what modifications to the base system are
necessary for an internationally fluent computer (fonts, input
methods, etc.)

        3.) Learning how to use the input methods.

        Since my Japanese is almost nonexistent and my Chinese is
poor, I cannot realistically hope to access non-English
instructions. I am currently fumbling around in the dark. Any
information and/or pointers to good information (even books)
will be greatly appreciated.


/|/|ike /+yers Test Engineer
                                                      BMC, Inc.
I *AM* reading the manuals - just not as fast as they print 'em!

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