Re: Question about \uxxxx etc. for 21-bit code points - need advice

From: Antoine Leca (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 08:30:28 EDT

Sorry to answer my own post, but I notice an error while writing a second one...

Antoine Leca wrote:
> wchar_t agrave = L'\x00E0';
> wchar_t Amacron = L'\x0100';
> Unfortunately, it won't work this way (more exactely, it should not!
> If your compiler accept this, it is brocken!)
> Here, \x00E0 or \x0100 are hexadecimal escape sequence for the source set

I should have written "execution" here. Sorry for the mistake.

> That's said, theorically, C can accept more than 2 digits in \x sequence,
> provided the C compiler use a wider-than-8bit source character set,

Again, it should be the "execution character set"...

> i.e. for practical purposes the source character repertoire is Unicode.

And at least, the same mistake appears here. Time for a pause, I believe.


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