Re: copyleft symbol

From: Bernd Warken (
Date: Sun May 28 2000 - 14:08:10 EDT

> Proponents of the reversed copyright sign need to demonstrate, like
> everyone else, that the proposed character is in actual use.

As you might remember, the original intent for the copyleft character
inquiry comes from the groff (GNU troff) developer team. We are about
to move all documentation to the GNU Free Documentation License, a
copyleft license scheme available at

During this transition process, we recognized that there is no Unicode
character for the copyleft symbol. As our aim is (was?) to integrate
Unicode more deeply into the groff type-setting system, we delayed the
transition process.

So the 20+ documents in the groff package are supposed to use the
copyleft character, many thousands of documents in other GNU software
packages are on hold or actually do.

No doubt, you know about the strong market position of free software, so
you wouldn't want to have the unicode mail-list flooded with thousands
of mails proving or wanting to use of the character in question, would

> If you can find actual software documentation that says, for example,
> "Copyleft * 2000 by Bernd Warken" (where * substitutes for the
> copyleft symbol), then that would be more convincing evidence of the
> need to encode the character.

There are such documents. The manual pages groff(7), groff_tmac(5), and
roff(7) were written by me, with the legal ownership donated to the Free
Software Foundation. We would really like to use the copyleft sign as
soon as possible - with some U+xxxx code.

Bernd Warken <>

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