Fw: Clarifications on Thamizh Character Set Standardisations

From: Padma kumar .R (padmaxi_unicode@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 03:53:20 EDT

 Dear Friend,

     I am having some doubts to be clarified regarding the subject of
 character set standardisation. I trust that you will reply me when you find
 free time. If you are very new to this subject, please be aware of this,
 try to contribute your level best to one of the devine language Thamizh. I
 am listing my Ideas, suggestions and doubts in the following.

     1. I noticed that the Thamizh character ordering in both of the
 character-sets are not that much proper. If we use any of the character
 encoding for computations auch as alphabetic sorting (akara varisai) or
 index searching, we may not get the desired result. Since in UNICODE 'NNa'
 is followed by 'na' and 'ra' is followed by 'RRa' which itself is not in
 order of thamizh alphabets. In the case of TSCII TAB glyph encoding, we
 still have some problem, like the Vowels are listed after the combination
 consonent list which is followed by the pure consonents. I think it should
 be like,
         a. Numerals
         b. Vowels & ayutham
         c. Prefix modifiers
         d. Pure consonents (ka, nga, cha...., sa, sha..) (without any
         e. NNaa, Naa, Raa
         f. Postfix modifiers
         g. Combination modifier symbol (for Ea, Eaa, O, OO, Ow) (not that
 much necessary) (found in ISCII & UNICODE)
         h. Combination Consonents, in alphabetic order
         i. Special characters and punctuations.

     If the character sequence is in the above order there will be no
 in the computation and word processing point of view. I wonder, why such a
 orderly convenson is not followed in both of the well analysed Standatrds.
 am very much interested to know about this.

     2. I came to know that Thamizh Nadu Govt is one of the associate member
 of Unicode Consortium. So I am interested to know about any actions that
 taken towards the adoptation of TSCII based character ordering in UNICODE.

     May be i am very very late, in saying these things, but I am very
 interested in this area and only came to know in detail about the
 standardisation and like things, in the recent days.

     Also I am sending you the URL of Thamizh character order (JPG File) and
it is "http://padmaxi.bizland.com/TAM1.JPG", that what I have in my mind.
May be, sometimes, i will help us
 for taking a decision towards the standardisation.

     Expecting your informative reply.

                                                    Thanking You
 Yours Sincerly
 - R.Padmakumar.

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