Re: Clarifications on Thamizh Character Set Standardisati

From: Christopher John Fynn (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 19:47:16 EDT

<> wrote:

> 1/ Some of the Tamil character codes are not in sequence as they ought to be
> for sorting purposes. This problem can be taken care of by either additional
> s/w functionalities to put this right or by actual physical relocation of
> Tamil characters within Unicode definition. A joint anouncement by Unicode
> Consotium and the representative associate (TN Gov) member.

When you say "relocation of Tamil characters within Unicode definition" do you
mean rearranging the codepoints of Tamil characters in the Unicode Standard? If
so, this is something which is *not* going to happen. For a start doing this
would break every existing implementation. Anyway the sequence of characters in
the Unicode standard is not supposed to be their sorting / collation order.

Default collation of ISO/IEC 10646 characters is more or less defined by the
ISO/IEC 14651 standard and I see no reason why a tailored delta (ordering
template) for Tamil conforming to that standard could not be written (someone
may even have done this already). Similarly Unicode has the tailorable "Unicode
Collation Algorithm"

- Chris

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