Re: How to find charts for various charsets?

From: Stephan Peters (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 03:01:26 EDT

In answer to your first question, "Where can I find a set of tables that
maps each country to a spoken language" that I did not answer in my
previous post, this is not a simple question. Many countries have
multiple languages. Many languages do not have charsets. For example,

and you can find many Cyrillic and Slavic charactersets that have
characters that are included in Unicode, but not in standard codepages.
To complicate issues, most of the countries that use these Cyrillic
charactersets use an old Relkom encoding known as KOI-8, which does not
fit in any standard OS characterset. Other languages may also have this
type of "quirk."

You will also find (especially with Indic languages) there are self-made
Charactersets that fly around the web and have almost become standards
themselves. An example is the Hindi fonts you can find at

or the Urdu fonts you can find at

A good resource (if you want a really detailed answer to your question)
is the Ethnologue you can find at

It is not free, and will not match the languages to computerized

Hope this was also helpful.

-Stephan Peters

Leon Spencer wrote:
> I am new to the unicode list and website (i.e.
> Where can I find a set
> of tables that maps each country to a spoken language
> and each language to a charset?
> Thanks.
> Leon

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