RE: How to display Chinese characteres ?

Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 08:39:51 EDT

Nicolas Toussaint wrote:
> [...] We want to export our systems to China, but wich way
> can I use in order to display Chinese characteres on my
> screen (with a french environment), because when I try I
> see a square. [...]

Marco Cimarosti wrote:
> Too generic: you should describe clearly your software environment. [...]
> If you discover that you do have Unicode support, the reason why you see
squares in place
> of Chinese characters is probably that you don't have a Chinese font.

St├ęphane Toussaint wrote:
> So, I will try to explain :
> I'm working under Windows NT 4. And I've do my program with
> Visual Cafe Standard Edition 4.0.
> I have Internet Explorer 5.
> And I want to dispaly the characteres in a TextArea in my
> java application.

My guess is still the same: you are not using a Chinese font.
Examples of TrueType Unicode fonts suitable for Chinese:

- Arial Unicode MS (ARIALUNI.TTF, distributed with Office 2000)
- Code 2000 (Code2000.ttf, from
- MS Mincho (MSMINCHO.TTF, I think it comes with the Chinese support package
for IE 5)
- PMingLiu (PMINGLIU.TTF, by Dynalab Inc.)
- SimSun (SIMSUN.TTF, by Zhongyi Electronic Co.)

See also, a great starting
point for finding Unicode fonts for specific languages.

_ Marco

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