Re: Missing Turkmen Character

From: Stephan Peters (
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 22:19:02 EDT

Was anyone else interested in following this thread?

This thread continued in private over the past few days, and we
determined it was not necessary to add the interim Turkmen characters to

I created a transliteration document from Turkmen Cyrillic to Turkmen
Latin 1993-1999. If anyone wants this, let me know.

Michael and I still disagree over the interpretation that Turkmenistan
was using Latin 1, He recieved a fax from Turkmenistan in 1993 that
indicated this to him. When I was there in 1998 I saw no-one using Latin
1, but rather a hodgepodge of wierd non-standard typefaces. I found most
people were actually using KOI-8 or CP-1251, and disregarding Turkmen
Latin altogether save on billboards, money and television.

Anyway,.... the Inverted Js and S/c cellida/accute won't be in Unicode,
anyone wanting to use these characters can map these old glyphs to the
appropriate cooresponding glyphs in the new Turkmen charset.

Again, if you want the transliteration document, let me know.

-Stephan Peters

Michael Everson wrote:
> Well, for what it is worth, please see "Some Türkmen alphabets" at
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