Re: German S letters (was: Obsolete character forms)

From: Otto Stolz (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 18:43:08 EDT

Am 2000-06-06 um 15:52 MESZ habe ich geschrieben:
> Spelling Pronounciation Meaning
> Wachstube /'vakstu:b<U+0258>/ Wax tube
> Wach<U+017F>tube /'vax<U+0283>tu:b<U+0258>/ Guard room


The pronounciatiobn has <U+0259>, rather than <U+0258>, in both words.

I apologize for any inconveniences that error may have caused, such
as re-training your German pronounciation :-)

Best wishes,
   Otto Stolz

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