RE: standardizing interfaces for Unicode programming

Date: Wed Jun 07 2000 - 13:22:19 EDT

I am such an ignorant about laws and quibbles, that I'm having serious
problems evaluating this announcement.

But, from the recent hot thread about the copyleft sign, I know that there
are many copyright/copyleft experts on this mailing list. So could someone
(including you, Tom, of course) help me with my layman's doubts?

- What is meant exactly by the concepts "open standards" and "open source"?

- What does it mean exactly that software and documentation developed for will be "open source"?

- What is the difference between "open source" and "copyleft", if any?

- What is Open Source ( How different is it
from, e.g., the Free Software Foundation (

- What is an "Open Source reference implementation"? Where can I read about
it? Is it a sort of distribution license? If yes, how different is it from,
e.g., the well-known GNU GPL (

Thanks for any help!

_ Marco

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> Subject: standardizing interfaces for Unicode programming
> Announcing
> is a service whose purpose is to facilitate the
> development of Open Standards and Open Source implementations for
> Unicode software tools.
> If this service succeeds, will become a resource providing
> high-quality, free, Unicode software, and specifications for that
> software.
> Please visit our web site at:

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