Re: (TC304.2316) translating logical operators

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Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 09:00:24 EDT

À 07:39 2000-06-12 +0300, Klaas Ruppel a écrit:
>At 14.27 +0100 9.6.2000, Tom Garland wrote:
>>Does anyone know if the following logical operators are globally
>>understood or
>>must they be translated for each language?
>>~ (not)
>>A symbol that represents the logical not operator.
> From the cultural and language point od view I like to state that I do
> not want to be forced to program (e. g. FileMaker) in a way that I have
> to mix e.g. Finnish and English (what is the situation now with the
> localized version of FM).
>When I was studying logics at the University of Helsinki those operators
>were JA and TAI (that means Finnish for English AND and OR).

[Alain] Right... Here is another contribution I received about this, the
actual use of French boolean operators in IBMS's STAIRS and repacement

>From: "Thibault, Estelle" <>
>To: 'Alain Labonté' <>
>Subject: RE: (TC304.2308) translating logical operators
>Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 11:27:25 -0400
>À tous
>Voici les opérateurs logiques de la Banque de terminologie du Québec (BTQ)
>et la banque de Soquij (AZIMUT). Ces opérateurs étaient utilisés par le
>logiciel STAIRS et sont demeurés pratique courante dans les nouveaux
>logiciels desdites banques de données.
>ET intersection
>OU jonction
>ADJ nn proximité en mot
>PHR proximité en phrase
>PAR proximité en paragraphe
>SANS exclusion
>Estelle Thibault
>Office de la langue française

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