Re: Pictograms

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 15:31:44 EDT

William Overington queried:

> The question arises, however, that in the event that
> some people desire at some time in the future to be able to express a
> document as containing both text and some particular standardized
> illustration, how should they proceed. ... I feel that
> the situation may well be that if unicode can offer that facility, perhaps
> by assigning two unicode characters as the Grand Illustration Escape
> Character Open Bracket and the Grand Illustration Escape Character Close
> Bracket or whatever name seems appropriate to the unicode community, then
> unicode may well be used for the main document.

This is a fine case for the use of standard markup mechanisms.

The "Grand Illustration Escape Character Open Bracket" is HTML is:

<img src="

and the "Grand Illustration Escape Character Close Bracket"



In between you put the URL for your standard illustration (plus
whatever other attributes you want, like width and height).

Other markup languages and document description language have similar

> I wonder if people might like to discuss the possibility that the place to
> search for standardized illustrations should be a web site operated by the
> unicode organization.

I think it is unlikely that the Unicode Technical Committee would want
to take on anything like that. That is the distributed responsibility
of thousands of independent archivists around the world who want to
maintain online archives of such documents for public use.

--Ken Whistler

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