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From: Timothy Partridge (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 14:55:14 EDT

Alain recently said:

> [Alain] All things being equal otherwise (what is the expression in
> English? In French we say "toutes choses étant égales par ailleurs"), it is
> not because you have no pictograms but text in one language or twelve that
> it will solve the problem of the visually-impaired people. Just put 2 kinds
> of data: pictograms and braille, or better, a bas-relief (because braille
> is natural-language-related too, it does not solve the linguistic problem),
> but blind people can decode sculttures, they can "look" at your face by
> following its contours with their hands.

I'm not convinced that bas reliefs would work very well.

An eye is usually depicted with a pupil, since that is an obvious visual
feature of it. If you feel an eye though it is a circular bump on a sphere.

As for warnings about electicity, a lightning strike sign is of no use to
someone who has never seen lightning.

I am also reminded of some tests they did with pictures (with sighted
people), where many africans thought that a squashed flat picture of an
elephant (like a skin layed out) was more realistic than a sideways view
that we find preferable.


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