From: Jaap Pranger (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 22:16:08 EDT

At 01:18 +0200 2000.08.23, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

>I think the valid way to bracket this is:
>[{( Ka + Nukta ) + Virama} + {( Ta + Nukta ) + Virama} + Sa]

Is Ta+Nukta a valid/existing character?


>The only real question here is what typographical practice in Devanagari
>would be if two nuktated consonants came together in a halfform/fullform
>juxtaposition or in a conjunct form involving two nuktated consonants
>(do such conjunct forms even exist? -- I would doubt it).

An example is: huq'qaa (E. hookah ;-))
When I type <ha_u_ka_nuqtaa_viraam_ka_nuqtaa_aa> I get the
same halfform/fullform result as shown on page 1076 in McGregor,
Oxford Hindi-E Dictionary. And <ka_viraam_ka> shows conjunct form.

This is the typing behaviour on a Mac with the deva font that comes
with OS 9.0. (Data input is in local encoding, but translates to UTF-8.)



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