Re: Locale string for Norwegian - Bokmal and Nynorsk?

Date: Thu Aug 31 2000 - 12:38:46 EDT

Hi Paul,

The POSIX standard locale string (which the Accept-Language http header
is modelled after) would classify Bokmal and Nynorsk as "variants", so the
correct locale strings would be something like:

no@bokmal or no_NO@bokmal
no@nynorsk or no_NO@nynorsk

Java treats "bokmal" as standard (no, no_NO) and "nynorsk" as a variant

This is a weakness of the locale model used on the Web and most UNIX
systems: the hierarchy is based on the ISO 639 language codes and the ISO
3166 country codes. It doesn't cover such minutiae as
"inside-a-country" variation easily nor does it deal well with subtle
issues like this.

In point of fact, this affects only the LC_COLLATE aspect of the POSIX
locale model, something that few web servers can probably do anything with
at this point.

I should note that many Norwegians use U.S. English versions of software
(especially if they are using Netscape as their browser) and they may not
bother to set the Accept-Language settings anyway.

Hope this helps,


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On Thu, 31 Aug 2000, Paul Deuter wrote:

> Does someone know the full locale string for Norwegian - Bokmal and
> Norwegian Nynorsk?
> In Windows the LCID is different for the two (0x414 and 0x814 respectively).
> However in
> Internet Explorer - the locale id is set to "no" for both of them.
> I was wondering if anyone knew that actual fully qualified string for these
> two. Is it
> "no-bokmal" and "no-nynorsk"?
> Thanks,
> Paul
> Paul Deuter
> Internationalization Manager

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