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> And then if you look at the Windows platform, the supported languages are
> assigned a locale ID, a number that is documented in Platform SDK as
> containing information about language, country, and sorting information.
> The locale ID can be used for many purposes, the most important being
> collation. It also becomes a key value into the NLS database and can be used
> to obtain all sorts of information relevant to the locale.
> You can see the Windows 2000 LCID list (more get added for each version of
> Windows) with a small sample of information that can be retrieved at:
Once again, although MS has *assigned* LCIDs for Irish & Scots Gaelic (0x083c
& 0x043c - finding this out was very difficult) they're not supported, so
they're next to useless. <sigh>

The necessary NLS information for these two languages is not that hard to
figure out & not extensive, so I can't see why they couldn't be bothered.
It's hardly as complicated as producing a localised version of the OS or of
any program - I can understand why MS are reluctant to get involved in that.
It would however make the production of third-party programs a lot easier.

I know this is now rather off-topic, but if some kind soul would like to
explain to me how to add the necessary NLS information to Windows NT 4/Win2000
off list, I would be very grateful. I have figured out how to add languages
for proofing, so that text can be marked for language in Word, but obviously
there are other elements to add (collation, dates, etc.). MS tend to tell you
how to use/access this information when it's installed, but not how to install
it for unsupported languages/locales.

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