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From: Michael \(michka\) Kaplan (
Date: Sun Sep 03 2000 - 16:12:17 EDT

For completeness sake, I will mention the Windows behavior here:

There is no way to extend locale IDs under Windows beyond what they are, but
it is possible to change the settings of the ones you choose at any time, in
order to customize them. Thus you can change things such as formats as much
as you like. The one irrevocable thing that LCIDs give you is a collation
choice (the regional options do not allow you to specify a separate default
collation choice).

It would be kind of handy (IMHO) if you could choose a different
collation.... to me, all those frippy things like formats are a pain to set
manually. But if I want a different collation and my old formats I have to
go and manually set them all (or write code to set them, which is what I do
now). This puts most locale information available in the regional settings
to be not too much more than a simple, override-able user preference, except
collation which is tied to the overall setting.

Note that Word 2000 will let you tag text with different languages and
assuming you have the spellcheckers install from the proofing tools with
properly recognize internationalization/localization in US English text and
internationalisation/localisation in UK English text, as one would hope (but
I admittedly figure it would fail, so it was a plasant surprise to see it


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> On Sat, Sep 02, 2000 at 04:56:23PM -0800, Doug Ewell wrote:
> > David Starner <> wrote:
> >
> > >> the Euro currency symbol. A separate "fr_FR_Euro" locale would be
> > >
> > > fr_FR@EURO is the way Sun does it.
> >
> > OK, now how does Sun represent my modified "en_US" locale with
> > 2000-09-02 date format and 23:59 time format? I'll bet there is no
> > predefined solution for this or most other personal preferences, which
> > is the point I was trying to make.
> Under Linux the Swedish locale would do, that is set LC_TIME to sv_SE .
> Most likely it would work under solaris too.
> Generally, if you want to have a specific setting in your locale
> under Linux, then of cause you cannot be guaranteed that you can find
> a predefined locale that completely matches your preferences.
> And there is no fine windows-like application (yet!) that can generate
> it for you with some clicks on the mouse. You need to use an editor
> on a text file and then install it, but apart from that it is not
> so difficult (IMHO) and people that are used to fiddle around with
> systems configuration should be able to hack the en_US locale for
> say your requested changes for date and time in say a couple of hours,
> (reading man pages finding the right files, trial and error etc.).
> You only need to change about 5 lines of code, and then reinstall it.
> Keld

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